The flexible!

edge trim disposal

for edge trim of 10 my up 1000 my thickness from 5 mm up to 150 mm Width
tension from 0 up to 500N
Materials, plastic films, plastic plates, paper and paper composites
and metal bands such as aluminum and brass

All edge trim winder can be equipped with actuators according to customer:

Three-phase winding motor with controller
Servo motor with controller
AC motor with inverter control
Optional: any machine with dancer or control voltage

RSW HS 150-500
The edge trim winder
is in its nature and design, as caseless edge trim winders, a new development

The engine is adapted to the necessities in traction and speed.

RandstreifenWickler Verlegung
In this representation, the edge strip is opers at the sampling condition, the 4 buckle plates are pneumatically worked before, the winding core has been reduced in diameter, and the full winding can be easily removed.

This design is not suitable for safety reasons, for high speed.
RandstreifenWickler Schaft offen
Also available as a double winder

RSW-HS-D 150-500
is in its nature and design, as caseless edge trim winder how the Single winder

2 drives, up to about 1.1 kW, depending on the winding speed possible
RSW-HS-D 150-500

RSW-PS 150-500

The edge trim winders are also available with pneumatic shaft.
In this case, a 3 "or 6" paper sleeve or used reusable steel or plastic sleeves.

Winding speed up to 200m/min is possible!

RSW-PS 150-500

RSW-PS-D 150-500

Even this edge trim winder comes with 2 single drives.
The controls are as described above, completely tailored to your needs.
Winding speed up to 200m/min is possible!

RSW-PS-D 150-500
RSW-300 P V2

Edge trim for low tensile force 0-10N infinitely adjustable.
Speed self-adaptive to the product.
Pneumatic winding shaft for coreless winding.
Permanently mounted tail disc
Front disc clamped via Uhing clip
Direction of rotation of the drive switchable
Frame design according to customer requirements
RSW-300 P V2 edge trim winder

RSA-RC 180

Edge trim extraction with pipe cutter.

At speeds above 200 m / min or if an edge trim suction is desired, this is the right unit.

Cutter and fan and cyclone refine this unit. A soundproofing box is the soundproofing.

For extremely thick edge strips or metal strips a deduction is switched before the cutter to move the edge trim in the system.
Other technical changes are ralisiert on customer!

pipe cutter RC 180RSA-RC 180
RSA 50-100

Edge trim haul-off

To pull your edge trim with well-defined tension out of the winder or edge trim cutting systems, up to 150m/min

There are 2 drives to choose,  friction-wheel motor and AC motor with controller
 RSA 50-100 edge trim haul-off