mechanical engineering

from design to final assembly, we produce according to our standards and customer request, from 25 to Ø 90 mm with 15 D and 35 D length. All extruders are generally provided with a melt temperature and melt pressure monitoring and shutdown. It is operated via touch panel to an S7 controller, including heating control.

Extruder nach Maß
extrusion downstream equipment cooling equipment

The basin is made of steel and stainless steel for the production of such Tubes, profiles or pelletizing. With all the necessary individual elements such as pulleys, guides, from overflow of the cooling medium, the downstream of drying, cooling and Temperament

Wasserbäder für Granulier- Schlauch- oder Profileanlagen
extrusion downstream equipment profile tool, calibration, cooling

Extrusion tools with calibration and cooling for the small-scale production and laboratory equipment.

Profile Kalibrierungen
extrusion downstream equipment Calender / chill roll systems

Calendar as 2 -, 3 - or 4-roll with line pressures up to 1,000 N / cm

Roller width to 1,600 mm.

Chill roll systems with roller to 1,600 mm.

Kalander- und Chillrollanlagen
extrusion downstream equipmenttake off unit

Deductions in the designs belt or caterpillar, depending on the product and apply with belt or caterpillars width to 800 mm and tensile forces up 20.000N.

take off - cutting - system
70 cuts per minute

cut distance up to 300mm
Cut system:
Guillotine with top and bottom blades movement
camera control system for cut quality
control system by Siemens SPS and TouchPanel

Band- und Raupenabzügetake off-cutting-system 300-70
winder - unwinder

unwinder of the simplest kind, for example here for the weaving of PU in Manchons looms for the manufacture of fire hoses and pressure hoses

Abwicklung Manchon
winder - rewinder/unwinder

Rewinder for simple products that can be preset with dancer control for the tension, here on PLC S7. Pneumatic winding shaft and counting meters with optical detection system. The winder is suitable for the wind up handle, or as shown here, small tubes and flat profiles with widths up to 300 mm, with a winding diameter up to 1,000 mm.

Wickler mit Tänzersteuerung
winder - edge trims winder

edge trims of falling in many areas of film or paper industries. Here's my new development for edge trims winding.
The coreless edge trim winders.
right-hand the edge trim winder iridescent with servo drive for infinitely variable laying and laying speed.

RSW-HS 150-500edge trim winder iridescent

winder -rewinder/unwinder

Winding / Unwinding with automatic roll change to Ø 1,400 mm at 3,000 mm working width of 400 m/min and tension control from 10 - 1,000 N
Material: plastic film - paper
Wickler: Aufwickler - Abwickler
packaging tape machines

for PP and PET
with up to 8-way tool

special mechanical engineering

for plastics, paper industry and also for example steel-processing industries in small sizes (see picture) Packaging Tape preparation machines.

rebuilding and
expansion of existing plants

Restructure their existing site with latest drives, guide rolls, cooling rolls, spreader rolls and servo-motors for highest demands.

Controllers, control mechanisms and advanced propulsion systems, PLC control and touch panel.

Umbau und Erweiterung vorhandener Anlagen
steel construction

from the design stage through manufacturing, construction or installation for stand of pipes or works for machine parts and extensions.