Core of the design are the most modern 3D CAD programs. Based on this basis, we process your data and create your project.

3 D CAD workstations for the highest standards

extrusion tools - development

New geometry in the flow channels to reduce the melt pressure severe.

Reduced mass pressure at the TPU processing reduces the frictional heat in the extrusion mass to the advantage of stability at the outlet from the mold.

3D CAD Schlauchkopf und Wendelverteiler
extrusion downstream equipment -
profile tool, calibration, cooling

Extrusion tools and the necessary follow-up if aggregates embedded in the manufacture of a Butterfly needle with a barium sulfate strip in the cannula at 0.4 mm wall thickness, or the floor heating tube made of HDPE with EVA coating. For the small-scale production and laboratory equipment we provide the design and the components.

Werkzeugauslegungen-Kalibrierungen-Kühlungentake off - cutting-system 300-70
extrusion downstream equipment - calander/chill roll systems

Calender / chill roll system specially adapted to customer requirements. Thickness measurement in the inlet film thickness measurement, and upon leaving the facility for a reference measurement of the film. For different applications, rollers for removing and wheeling, with no conversion. All linear stage using linear and servo motors. Air knife position with 2 servo drives with displayed in the display position can be saved and therefore reproducible.

Projektierung einer ChillRoll-Kalander-Kombination zur Beschichtung
co - extrusions systems

Designing a whole technical plant from the first line to the finished 3D CAD representation. All components are installed in original size, so the entire system thus controlled to the smallest detail. In this 3 D model can be find each and every screw locking up to the motor or gear.

This helps all the configuration in the 1:1 format to see and examine.

Schlauchanlage für höchste Ansprüche
project - RAM-extruder

The RAM extruder serves not only the commodities for which it was intended as UHMW-PE and PTFE, but also projects such as: municipal waste gasification, wood pressed endlessly as fire wood, plastics with 80%-filled with wood, paper, etc., eg to transform into boards or beams, edge strips of shredded paper to be treated with such PVC, or pressing a similar flow into recyclable products.
see the movie RH01 on you tube:

see the movie RH02 on you tube:

Ram-extruder RH 02 - 30TRAM-Extruder RH01-10T/RH02-30T SPS controlled
tool for outside covering

This project aims to pipe rehabilitation this fabric with TPU, PE and PET are coated

Ø-range from 400 - 600 mm

output 100 - 120 Kg/h



Project - fire hose of TPU

Fire hoses with a Manchon of TPU in the co-extrusion coated with a solvent adhesive. In the diameter of 1 "to 6". The capacity of this facility is 3.5 million meters / year

See the movie on youtube: 

Looms with the right dimensions and quantities, we deliver with a partner


The vulcanization using steam as shown here with 6 tubes of 65 meters in length with diameters from 1" to 6". The table can be used as a test pressure station. The table length can vary depending on customer requirements. Throughput of the 65meter table is designed for 3.5 million meters/year

Feuerwehrschlauch Anlage

project - rebuilding and expansion of existing plants

You want to improve performance of their investment? We undertake the project. Present you a concept. And then we keep the agreements

Umbau und Erweiterung vorhandener Anlagen
project - steelconstruction

We design, calculate and monitor your construction site.


project - packaging tape machines

a machine for PP and PET Packaging Tape with 6-way tool

Grüner Dschungel in Tailand

first, there was a green jungle

Trocknung - Extrusion

then came a lot of work with a hall and the first extrusion,

Die gesamte Verpackungsband-Extrusion

now with 300 Kg / h PET packaging tape from 5 mm to 20 mm width produced.

In the production of PP packaging tape in output is 250 kg / h with above dimensions.