about us !

Detlev Geng Projektierung-Plastikmaschinenbau

Designing and Manufacturing

1973 started with the company Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co.KG in Sieglar training for plastics machinery.

1976 parental company (Plastik-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG) applied what I have learned.

Until 1993 in the Plastik-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG for proposal preparation, planning and production control and delivery of extrusion equipment in the whole world.
In 1993 I founded the Detlev Geng
Designing and Manufacturing.

Today I can proudly say the know-how from 40 years to bring in your projects.

Repairs, additions or upgrades to your existing equipment.

Our product range at a glance:


Screws and barrels
Single-screw extruder
Extrusion Tools
RAM Extruder
Paste-Extruder (PTFE, wax, dental-wax)

Extrusion downstream equipment
  Blown film
Chill roll
Profile / Pipe
Special machinery
  Fire hose manchon lines TPU/hotmelt
Vaporization-vulcanization of fire hose
RAM extruder (special applications)
Paste-extruder for cable coating etc. (PTFE, wax, dental-wax)
Laboratory facility
  Hose winder
Turret winder
View winder
edge trim winder
Machine stand
  Strand Pelletizing
Hot die granulation
edge trim - return feed - extruder
Plant control
  the latest PLC control
Motor controllers

Touchpanel, Ipades, Iphone and touch screens for controling