Basic components for the extrusion

Screws and barrels from Ø 25 to Ø 90 mm and in lengths of 15 D to 35 D in various designs

Cylinders with smooth or grooved and intensively cooled feeder fitted

Shearing and mixing elements, barrier screws, depending on the product requirements

Schnecke und Zylinder

Tools for the extrusion / co-extrusion

Tools for blown and cast film, and also for small profiles in the laboratory environment.

Extrusionswerkzeuge für Profile Blas- und Flachfolien
Single Screw - Extruders

Single screw extruder with a melt pressure and melt temperature and melt pressure indicator system with melt pump is also possible.

Power ratings ranging from 3 kW to 200 kW.

Screw speed continuously variable in a variety of product-related areas from 0 - 300 min -1.

Panel equipped with touch panel, to monitor and regulate the production of all necessary parameters.

See the movie on youtube:

Co-Extrusion mit ES 60-25D und 45-25D
edge trim - return feed - extruder

Single screw extruder with special screw geometry, specially grooved to accommodate the catchment area during the same edge trim production and recycling of rolls. The edge strips or rolls are inline immediately melted again and fed into the extrusion process of the production machine.



Developed for the processing of UHMW-PE and PTFE to sliding profils in food industry and lining of coal bunker and also into pipes.

The RAM extruder is manufactured in diffrent types:

DGP-RH-01 with max. 12 t pressure, until Ø 40mm
see the movie RH01 on you tube:

DGP-RH-02with max. 30 t pressure, until Ø 75mm
see the movie RH02 on you tube:

DGP-RH-03 with max. 100 t pressure, until Ø200

DGP-RH-04 with max. 160-240 t pressure, as a special machine with 2 hydraulic cylinders, for width up to 800mm
The type 01 and 02 will be delivered as vertical extruder!

The machine is ideally suited for the processing of plastics with a very high filling of wood, flour, waste or for compaction of waste wood.

Ram-extruder RH02-30T with rod dia 70mmRAM Extruder RH 01-10T/RH 02-30T SPS controlled

RAM-Extruder Profilauswahl